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jeremy 06-25-2013 11:01 AM

KDE Returns to Mint

I for one have been feeling sorely disappointed without a KDE version of Linux Mint lately, but no more. That's right Boys and Girls, KDE has returned to Mint. Yesterday, June 23, Clement Lefebvre posted two key announcements that should make a KDE lover's heart sing.

The first I saw came with the announcement of the codename for Linux Mint 16, which is "Petra." Clem said, "Petra, 'πέτρα' in Greek, means stone or rock." But then came the news. He continued by saying Petra will come in the editions featuring:

* Cinnamon
* Xfce
* aaaaand KDE!

Then came news that I won't even have to wait that long for a Linux Mint 15 KDE version for a release candidate is already available. The announcement said "the latest in KDE 4.10," and as of this release candidate that is 4.10.3.
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ivtec 06-25-2013 02:12 PM


Originally Posted by jeremy (Post 4978424)

I've had Mint14KDE for some time now and is very good.

What we have better in 15 or 16 mint kde than 14 KDE? is it woth it to go 15 or 16 KDE?

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