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Tsvetomir Parvanov 06-24-2011 08:53 AM

Is there among you willing to test USU?
What is USU? - USU well with a Bulgarian good GNU / Linux distribution!

USU Linux is an Ubuntu derivative developed by Bulgarians for Bulgarians. It comes in three editions: USU Mini, USU Desktop, and USU Netbook. The mini edition is suitable for home or business use, the desktop edition has a strong focus on educational uses, and the netbook edition is specially created for little mini portable computers. The stable version was 6.0 for all editions, and a development release of USU Mini 7.0.
MD5 sum of the usu-7.0-mini-testing1-i386.iso is 4f9962592909a8cd2e9dbe44fe493eff

Let me if you're still one of the esteemed audience here decided to try and test the USU on your computer, then let me share here their opinions and impressions, but can also do this in the forum and the project itself at:

With greetings from Bulgaria and loving people and using GNU / Linux in my country Yours sincerely,

Tsvetomir Parvanov

Tsvetomir Parvanov 06-29-2011 09:37 AM

USU Mini 7.0 is here! Accept is as a gift!

USU out Mini 7.0 (apart from the traditional 32-bit version, there is now already 64 bit).USU Linux (formerly known as the Learn free with Ubuntu) is a Bulgarian GNU/Linux distribution based on Ubuntu world-known also for its good support. Who wants can download it free here:

More about the new version of USU to read the Forum of Free Culture and Free Software ... human beings at:
I have personally tried most of the famous and some lesser-known Linuxdistributions, but since I found USU - The Bulgarian Linux distribution I have it! I recommend it to all beginners and more advanced users and fans of Linux and free software.

nooby 01-21-2012 04:01 PM

Ooops I get this warning
"Please note that this thread has not been replied to in over 6 months.
Please ensure your reply is still relevant and timely."

Dear Tsvetomir Parvanov.

I am a kind of Distro Hopper. Okay maybe there are many kinds
I am of the very odd ones. A reluctant Noob in that I fail to
learn about permissions and Sudo and su and all that kind of stuff.

So I almost only use Puppy and Knoppix and maybe Porteus due to
them are less strict with what the "Live Session User" are allowed
to do as a live booter.

I tested your USU today. Had not heard of it before. Most likely
I did read about it on Linuxforums or maybe somewhere else.
So I did download and used my own "cheat" iso boot instead of a real install.

title usu 2011 frugal iso boot of usu-7.0.iso boots good swedish едц
find --set-root --ignore-floppies --ignore-cd /usu-7.0-netbook-i386.iso
kernel /usu/casper/vmlinuz boot=casper iso-scan/filename=/usu-7.0-netbook-i386.iso locale=en_US console-setup/modelcode=pc105 console-setup/layoutcode=se noeject noprompt
initrd /usu/casper/initrd.gz

That booted well and the extra cheat code I did put into grub4dos menu.lst
locale=en_US console-setup/modelcode=pc105 console-setup/layoutcode=se
that allowed me to write едц and А and such.

Anyway. It booted well and all that I tested did work. So thanks for telling about it

Firefox have Adblock Plus with "Fanboy list" already installed. I was not used to
how it asked me for confirmation before it accepted that me shut it down.
But I trust few are that noob like what I am. Now that I know what it is
then it is all okay. One can read about it here in case one get curious on it.

Yours Nooby

PS I have loved music and still do love music from your country for some 55 years
but I am not an expert. Just a music lover.

Edited a misunderstanding so it is all cleared up now.

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