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jeremy 09-17-2013 11:18 AM

IBM Vows To Spend (Another) $1 Billion To Promote Linux

IBM on Tuesday will announce that it has committed $1 billion to convince its customers to use Linux, a freely available open source operating system that competes with Windows, reports The Wall Street Journal's Don Clark.
This is the second time that IBM coughed up $1 billion to promote Linux. The first was way back in 2000, when Linux was a fledgling operating system just finding its way into enterprise data centers and beginning to threaten Microsoft.

Microsoft spent years trying to scare customers away from Linux, at one point even saying that Linux violates 235 patents and hinting that enterprises using it could be sued.

But the scare tactics didn't work and Linux adoption grew, in large part due to IBM's vote of confidence. There's hardly an enterprise data center on the planet today that isn't using Linux and it has become the operating system of choice for the world's biggest, fastest computers, as well as for huge Internet companies like Google and Facebook.
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