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Thetargos 01-19-2006 11:19 AM

HP to sell Linux PCs across Latin America
According to this article over at ZDNet, the folks of HP will start selling Mandriva Linux based PCs in LaTam territories like Mexico (:D), Argentina and Brazil.

While these may sound like good news, I can only wait to see how will they ship the whole package. One of the main reasons I avoid buying/recommending HP PCs is that they tend to hurt the image of other products with their packaging, like in the case of AMD based machines where they include lower quality components along with the CPU to be less "flashy" than a Pentium IV/Celeron of the same class, especially in the memory and optical drives departments (has always gotten into my nerves, that attitude!).

Anyway, only time will tell how these offerings will be like, and if they are attractive enough or not for the general public down here in good ol' LaTam.

Hubmasterflex 01-24-2006 03:55 AM

Take it from me, Hewlitt Packard is one of the crappiest computers i've ever owned. Regretted owning this thing ever since 1 of the PCI slots fried itself. That and little documentation ices the cake.

Hint of advice for anyone who wants it:
BUILD your own computer
and if you dont know how to do it

Thetargos 01-24-2006 09:14 AM

I'm not saying I will buy one, I'm saying that I can't wait to see how will they cripple the machines down in comparison to Windows PCs. Maybe they'll sell them with Celerons on them and with barely 256Mb of RAM, enough for most users with Linux, but deffinitely not with a Celeron.

dukeinlondon 01-26-2006 02:23 PM

Wait and see but if it's to sell them the way they did in Europe (a lone model, hidden somewhere on the web site), I'll conclude they are looking for reasons to crush any linux advocacy they might have internally.

Thetargos 01-26-2006 03:39 PM

I would like to be able to step into Office Depot or Office Max and see a Linux powered PC there... Heck, these Office market chains even deny selling good AMD processors. You hardly see an AMD powered PC or laptop, and when you see one, it is a Duron or Sempron processor.

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