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jeremy 09-16-2013 03:01 PM

Google Waves Goodbye To MySQL In Favor Of MariaDB

That will never be the official reason why search engine Google is moving all of its Oracle MySQL relational database systems to MySQL's forked descendant MariaDB, but even the unintentional, karmic implications against Oracle are blindingly obvious.

After all, Oracle has spent a lot of time and legal effort over the past few years establishing that Google had committed copyright infringement by copying portions of Java code into Google's Android operating system. including 37 application programming interfaces that tap into the Java programming language. That case was ruled in Google's favor in Federal court, but is still in appeal. And Google apparently has a long memory.

The revelation that Google was dumping MySQL for the MariaDB database came from Google Senior Systems Engineer Jeremy Cole in a presentation at the Extremely Large Databases conference at Stanford University this week.

According to The Register, Cole revealed during the presentation that Google was working with the MariaDB Foundation to patch and update MariaDB 10.0 and get it ready for Google to migrate thousands of MySQL instances to MariaDB.

"We're running primarily on [MySQL] 5.1 which is a little outdated, and so we're moving to MariaDB 10.0 at the moment," Cole said…

Google later confirmed the plan in a statement to The Register:
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