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pengutronix_bbu 05-16-2011 09:53 AM

Generic Linux Board Support Packages
As some of you might know, Pengutronix is doing a lot of public linux development, but also a lot of very specialized board support packages. While most of these customer specific packages are open source and the technology is constantly beeing integrated into the main PTXdist Project, not everything is _really_ useable and interesting for _everyone_ in the broader community. Well ... it probably is interesting to know, that PTXdist based Linux systems actually do run on some really scary and highly specialized mining equipent, but (almost) nobody will actually have one available in the backyard ;-)

In the end, most people just want a well documented and lightweight base for their "cool new foo-project".

So we have set up a mini-series of "generic community board support packages" for those of us who just want a good starting point for their embedded project. You may as well want to fiddle around with an generic embedded system in a virtual container and test all the new stuff like systemd, fully ipv6 enabled mesh-networks or whatever comes to mind).

The project website and Mailinglist can be found here:


One of the first BSPs adds support for FriendlyARM's nifty Mini2440 Boards,
but more will follow as soon as we find another cheap and hackerfriendly
hardware to play with :-)

Contributions welcome!

Happy Hacking :D

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