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TForsman 11-22-2014 07:36 AM

Foresight Linux - Based on Centos 7
Hello all,

I just want to give you all some information about Foresight Linux and what's happening.

Foresight Linux 3 was planned to be built on fedora, but various issues and sometimes too bleeding edge. we decided to have centos as core and go from there.

Right now, we haven't done anything special with it. So you will feel like having centos. The major change is that it has conary as package manager.

You will use conary to install, update, delete packages and so on....

In the future, it will be difference from centos and be more unique.

Remember this is a very early beta stage.

To install it today, read more at:

To follow updates, changes and so on:
Foresight Linux Google+

And maybe drop in to the Foresight blog to keep you updated.

Also there is some news from official site here:

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