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jeremy 06-28-2013 04:31 PM

Fidelity Likes OpenStack, Despite High-Profile Departures

In a major missive from Dell Computer recently, the company announced that its public cloud ecosystem and strategy will be centered on partners Joyent, ScaleMatrix and ZeroLag, and will emphasize recent acquisition Enstratius. That represented a very major reversal of its plans to deliver public cloud services based on the open source OpenStack cloud platform. Right on the heels of that news, IBM--which has been firmly in the OpenStack camp--announced that it is spending billions to buy SoftLayer for its cloud computing infrastructure tools and services.These were high level departures from the OpenStack camp, although IBM is still pursuing OpenStack cloud plans by pass-through, since SoftLayer delivers OpenStack services.

Now, giving credence to the notion that OpenStack can win over institutions large and small, mighty Fidelity Investments is using OpenStack, as confirmed at the GigaOM Structure conference. We're likely to see more big institutions like this adopting the open cloud platform.

“We like the community behind it, and the broad support,” said Fidelity Technology Group VP Keith ShinnShinn at GigaOM Structure. Apparently, Fidelity uses OpenStack primarily for private cloud purposes at this point, but has hybrid cloud deployments in mind.
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