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jeremy 06-13-2013 10:15 AM

Debian Developers Get User Input on Systemd

Systemd has been taking it on the chin lately because a lot of users just don't like it. There are varying reasons and Debian developer Michael Stapelberg has identified several through a recent user systemd survey. Developers hope the data will help them minimize the difficulty when the transition from SysVinit to Systemd begins.

On May 20 Stapelberg created and posted a survey to find out how users actually felt about systemd and, if they had issues, what were they? Through a short list of questions Stapelberg has discovered that 62% of 2113 respondents welcome systemd in Debian, everything seems to be working fine. 15% don't want it in Debian at all and the rest didn't know or care. In another question 44% said they'd like to see it as the default init system while 32% don't. 45% of the participants are Debian developers, maintainers, or contributors but only 74% had actually booted a machine running systemd.
More at OStatic... or see Stapelberg's full post.


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