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jeremy 05-30-2013 01:58 PM

City of Munich: "Migration to sustainable desktop completed successfully"

The administration of the city of Munich in Germany has completed the switch to the open source desktop, says Peter Hofmann, head of the migration project last week Wednesday. The IT department is now securing the strategy, to make sure it can be maintained by the city and to sustainably support interactions with citizens, businesses and other public authorities.

Hofmann, speaking at the Linux Tag conference in Berlin on 22 May, is confident that the city's open source strategy can be maintained because it is focused on sustainability. "We took small steps, instead of a big bang approach. We prefer quality over time and choose making it ourselves over waiting or spending."

The city is now using a unified desktop system, Limux, its own distribution based on the Ubuntu Linux open source operating system and open source applications, on 14,000 of the total 15,000 desktops, spread over 51 offices across the city. That is 2,000 more than it's intended goal, using Limux on 80 % of its desktops. Hofmann confirmed that the city will now switch to using the LibreOffice, an open source suite of office productivity tools, replacing the current open source alternative OpenOffice, that is used since 2006.
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lhiggin 05-30-2013 03:53 PM

Most Awesome article Jeremy,

I love open source. I use Kubuntu 13.04 now but long ago I started with Redhat in 2000. They were charging then so I switched to Debian. My how things have changed. With the advent of Accelerated Opengl Desktop and proprietary drivers. Gaming is coming to linux. I have steam installed and it works great. Linux noobs feel free to email me, I love helping people migrate to linux.

I use Linux 99.99 percent of the time. The only thing I use my dual boot into windows for is gaming. DirectX is hard to beat. Thank you Winehq the work you do for us is much appreciated.

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