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jeremy 09-10-2013 10:23 AM petition, ARM SoC changes for Linux 3.12 invite Torvalds’ fury

Linus Torvalds, in response to a petition on to remove RdRand from /dev/random, has lambasted the petitioner by called him ignorant for not understanding the code in Linux Kernel.

Kyle Condon from UK raised a petition on to get Linus to remove RdRand from /dev/random in a bid “to improve the overall security of the linux kernel.” This petition seems to be a direct result of the recent NSA surveillance revelations where it was also believed that UK’s GCHQ was aiding the US spy agency in its activities.

In his response, Torvalds asked Condon and the supporters of the petition to gain an understanding of Linux drivers, cryptography and then “come back here and admit to the world that you were wrong.” Torvalds stressed that kernel maintainers knew what they were doing and the petitioner didn’t.

Elaborating the use of rdrand, Torvalds stated that the function was being used as just “_one_ of many inputs” to the random pool and that it was used to improve the overall randomness. Torvalds iterated that rdrand did in fact improve the overall quality of random numbers generated through /dev/random. Ending his reply with the statement “you’re ignorant.” The petition is now closed.

Torvalds, in a similar outburst just yesterday, hoped that “ARM SoC hardware designers all die in some incredibly painful accident.” This came in response to a message from Kevin Hilman when he noted that there were quite a few conflicts in the ARM SoC pull request for Linux 3.12, which were a result of the platform changes conflicting with driver changes going in to the V4L tree.
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