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jeremy 08-21-2013 12:22 PM Adds A Classifieds Marketplace


We're happy to announce that we've just added a Classifieds Marketplace to AQ.

Benefits for buyers:

* Improved marketplace security
* Seller screening
* Tools to sort, filter, and search the marketplace
* Photo gallery of marketplace items
* The ability to purchase with your favorite credit or debit card

Benefits for sellers:

* Simplified listing creation and photo uploading tools
* Payment collection and verification
* A visually stunning gallery to showcase your items
* Email alerts
* Enhanced exposure and promotional options

During this introductory period, you can use the new tools for free. If you choose to use the payment processing tools, there is a flat 3% final value fee. For example, if you list an item for $100, you will receive $97. Again, you can opt out of this premium service. The fee goes toward covering credit card interchange fees, customer service, and general support of the community.

Sell an Item

If you have any questions, suggestions or general feedback. please let us know.

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