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jeremy 07-09-2013 10:54 AM

A Memory Comparison of Light Linux Desktops Part 2

In my previous article Ive tried to investigate the RAM memory requirements for running some of the most common light window managers and desktop environments available in the Linux world. Prompted by a number of readers, Ive decided to include also the big, well-known memory hogs that grab most of the Linux market, i.e. KDE, Unity and Gnome 3.

I am using the same setup, based on virtenv. It includes its own xserver (Xephyr) and a virtualization container (LXC). I use free command to measure the memory before and after the WM/DE is started. The computer is an older 64-bit machine, running Ubuntu 12.04 with LXDE as desktop environment.

I measure the WM/DE as it comes out of the box, with all the features the authors intended to be run as default. Arguably, this is not the best way to measure. All window managers are highly configurable, and users in general tend to personalize them. This adds more memory to whatever numbers I publish here.
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