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uttamsaxena 06-19-2002 04:05 PM

What is the meaning of ~/.filename. what is the difference in (~/.) & (~/) What is meant by the dot. Where ~/.filename files reside. I am not seeing them in file explorer.

Glock Shooter 06-19-2002 04:08 PM

files that beging with a dot are hidden. Check your preferences for whatever file manager you are using and you can view them.

linuxcool 06-20-2002 06:25 AM

The ~ represents your home directory. If the user is linuxcool, the ~ would represent /home/linuxcool. So, .filename would be in the /home/linuxcool directory.

If you want to see hidden files when you are using a terminal window, use ls -a. The -a will let you see hidden files.

To see hidden files in your file manager, check the options of the file manager.

dorward 06-20-2002 08:10 AM

The difference between "~/" and "~/." is the same as the difference between "~/" and "~/a", the dot is just the first character of the file name.

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