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johannes.kepler 09-02-2017 03:04 AM

Zip/Unzip dir

I have an installed website in my dir /home/mysitecom/public_html

The dir as several dirs, with sub dirs, and symlinked dirs and files.

I'm trying to make a backup of all first, and after some modifications, restore that backup, with symlinks included (not the files it pulls).

This is not working

I'm trying first, inside public_html, run the command: zip -ry ./

After the modification, I'm trying to restore it with: unzip -o

Can someone help me out? I think I'm missing something here...

Kind regards


ondoho 09-02-2017 03:56 AM

typically, you would
  • extract a .zip file with unzip, resulting in some files
  • compress some files with zip (creating a zip file)
for both commands, i recommend reading the manual.
i.e. 'man zip' and 'man unzip'

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