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captain_sensible 06-06-2010 09:13 AM

zencafe - server to client pc, all working except client pc getting internt access
Hope this might be of interest for anybody setting up a small internet cafe network.

My problem is a network one , concerning zencafe (slackware type distro) and getting internet connection for the client computer, eigthy percent of the system works its this last bit thats giving me jip.

My set up is two computers a “server” with two etthernet cards . Eth0 ( is part of mainboard) on the server pc has a static IP of and connects to a router of IP address
This card has an Wicd icon on the kicker pannel , netmask is and have set gateway to
This card connects to the internet fine

Then on the server pc I have eth1 card in a pci slot. I have set IP address to
I have also set gateway to
There is no icon on the panel for this card but got it working editing /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1.conf
This card is attached to a switch and through the switch connects to a client pc having a static Eth0 IP of

Now from the server pc I can see the private connection of server via switch to client
of works – I can see the client icon and host name on cafe con leche GUI on the server.

I can also control the client from the server pc using cafe con leche. I.e it does a basic up and switch off mode.

My only problem is the client pc can not connect to the internet. Have tried every permutation of gateway address for client pc.I just can not get it to connect to internet.

Can somebody have a look at my basic settings and just give me a simple pointer please

r3sistance 06-07-2010 02:37 AM

Are you sure is correct? 192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x are usually considered a class C type of address with a subnet mask of meaning that and are on different sub nets and is likely the reason they are not fully co-operating with each other... that style of networking can work but generally with special configurations. I would suggest trying a secondary IP on the server with an IP like 192.168.1.x and seeing if this work.

Alternatively (sorry my networking knowledge is not too great), you could try port forwarding to Eth0 for anything external as they are on the same box it should be able to forward but I am not certain on that one...

captain_sensible 06-07-2010 10:03 AM


Ok Thanks will try your suggestion about the network addresses. Basically my problem I guess is to get Eth1 stuff to route through Eth0.Didn't realise about the subnet , I choose a C network because I aim to have a set up of only around 5 computers.

Don't know details of port fordwarding but did read a bit about route tables & route command. Will try
your suggestion first.


captain_sensible 06-08-2010 10:37 AM

zencafe cafe con leche solved

thanks very much ; I was probably just making things too complicated for myself. My router private address is such just made my "server" a static address of and my "client" pc

I just connected the pc's straight to the router ethernet to ethernet. Then when into billing controls of both server and client. The client host name was on the server control GUI, and could put client onto standby from server. Put gateway address as router address and netmask

Everything is working as it should with client accessing internet fine.

What I was attempting at first was to have a "private" server - client network; with the clients getting access from the server.

However since the main focus was about having a control and timer faciltity, and there will not be anything stored on the server of any security risk, this set up will do fine!

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