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Sam0000006 02-23-2018 01:07 PM

YUMI menu list front page
Help PLease, I notice YUMI Q&As, so hoping if anyone knows how to remove (not distros) Menu from the front page once a distro has been removed, it appears that even though a distro is removed, the front page leaves behind a menu list, like "Unlisted ISO grub" yet there are no more bootable ISO's there.
Also how can we add our own menu on YUMI, like "Bkp Utility" is there a way to do this?
thanking you in advance;

AwesomeMachine 02-23-2018 07:21 PM


YUMI Usage

1. How do I add, remove or update ISOs (add never versions of the same distro) on the USB flash drive?
This is basic YUMI usage.

To add a Linux distro:
- start YUMI
- in the Step 1 box, select your thumb drive
- in the Step 2 box, select the desired distro
- in the Step 3 box, browse to and select the matching ISO
- enable persistence if you want (I haven't had good luck with persistence so I usually leave it at zero)
- click the Create button

To remove a Linux distro:
- start YUMI
- click the 'View or Remove Installed Distros' check box to enable Uninstaller mode
- in the Step 1 box, select your thumb drive
- in the Step 2 box, select the distro to remove
- click the Remove button

To update a distro, just use YUMI to remove the old version of the distro and add the newer version. If you have persistence enabled you will loose it, but if persistence is enabled (and working for you) and you've been keeping up with Linux updates you don't really need to update; the distro is already up-to-date.

2. How do I update YUMI itself on the same USB flash drive already populated with ISOs?
YUMI is a simple executable. To update it just copy the new executable to the thumb drive.

That said, you don't need YUMI on the thumb drive at all to boot linux. Once you've set up your distros you can discard YUMI if you want and just download it again the next time you need it. Or you can keep it around - it won't make any difference.
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Sam0000006 03-03-2018 07:38 AM

YUMI front page headings when booting from USB
Thank you kindly for your response - AwesomeMachine Senior Member,

I understand most of what you have said however my question may not have been clear enough, so I'll try being more specific.
When booting with usb drive and Yumi appears, there are several options based on what distro each user installs and the header or category each distro adopts;
For example below. 5 to 6 headings and each heading may have 5 to 10 distros residing within like a sub menu.
Question is - When all distros are removed from heading "3) Unlisted ISOs (via Grub)" and you reboot the Heading remains "3) Unlisted ISOs (via Grub)" yet no ISOs or distros are listed as subheading as they have all been removed. So how do we remove the empty heading "3) Unlisted ISOs (via Grub)" considering all distros have been removed or do we start again and reformat the usb?

Possible headings on Yumi when booting from USB
1) Antivirus Tool
2) Other Tools
3) Unlisted ISOs (via Grub)
4) Unlisted ISOs (via Partion 4)
5) Linux

hydrurga 03-03-2018 07:54 AM

Many moons ago, I too decided to customise my YUMI menus. It's doable but, in the end, it was so much hassle that I just decided to go along with the YUMI defaults.

Anyway, to point you in the right direction, the way to customise the menus is to edit the files in /multiboot/menu. I can't remember any more than that, but it should give you a start.

Sam0000006 03-03-2018 08:24 AM

YUMI-customise the menus/removing menus
Thank you kindly hydrurga, what you tried many moons ago; I'll give it ago, thanks again to you and AwesomeMachine.

hydrurga 03-03-2018 08:25 AM


Originally Posted by Sam0000006 (Post 5826732)
Thank you kindly hydrurga, what you tried many moons ago; I'll give it ago, thanks again to you and AwesomeMachine.

No problem. Do let us know how you get on.

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