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johnyhasan 09-10-2012 01:24 AM

yum server site configaration
how can i yum server site configaration

i need step by step yum server configaration.
i am new user in linux.
i want to configure server side configaration on linux rhel6

ravi_nandula 09-10-2012 01:27 AM


Originally Posted by johnyhasan (Post 4776589)
how can i yum server site configaration


I did not get your question....can you please explain the issue
Do you need yum configuration to you client machine....which will provide updates from the server machine????????

acid_kewpie 09-10-2012 01:50 AM

plenty of guides out there, please refer to standard docs in the first instance, e.g.

John VV 09-10-2012 02:54 AM

after reading the OP's 7 posts

this is looking like homework questions

we will NOT do your homework for you

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