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themanwhowas 03-19-2007 03:28 PM

yum remove obsolete apps
hi everybody.
i just ran 'yum list installed' and i see i have many apps of varying versions.
xprogram 1.2
xprogram 1.6
xprogram 2.0


without removing the apps one by one (there are quite a lot), is there a way to remove the older versions? i have been googling but as far as i can see there isnt a way to do this with yum. it doesnt necessarily have to be removed with yum, any way will do i just need this crap tidied up.

Fedora core 6 if that matters.

thank you kindly

jonnycando 03-19-2007 03:57 PM

In Suse 10.2 and elsewhere there is ZMD which includes "Add software" and "remove software". The remover shows an inventory of installed packages and lets you tick off the ones to remove.

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