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mlnm 08-08-2011 10:58 AM

yum local configuration
hi , i was trying to configure yum locally , can i copy files to any other location other than /var/ftp/pub.If possible please tell me how to configure yum.repos.d/rhel debuginfo file.

dafydd2277 08-08-2011 02:14 PM

Hi, mlnm,

I don't have a good idea about what you're trying to do, but yum repositories are actually very easy to set up. First, /etc/yum.repos.d/<anything>.repo will be read as a repository. I generally use base.repo, and avoid modifying the installed debug repository. Inside the repository file, entries have this form:

[Repository Label]
name=Repository Name

enabled=[0|1] tells yum whether or not to reference this repository.
gpgcheck=[0|1] tells yum whether or not to verify the GPG signature of the packages in the repository.

You can copy your RPM files to any directory you wish, provided yum can read from it. Then, provide the path in the baseurl value. If you are trying to manage several hosts, consider using Apache to set up an http file server on one host. Then, you can change baseurl and gpgkey to something like:



Finally, yum requires a "repodata" directory as a sub of the file location directory. Repodata is a set of XML files (and, optionally, an sqlite database) with information on the files available in the given packages, dependencies, etc. You create the repository by doing


[root]# /path/to/repository
[root]# createrepo -d .

(Note the cwd dot at the end of the createrepo command.) This will set up the repository for yum to use.

At the end, execute


[root]# yum repolist
to verify yum can correctly interact with your new repository.

Good luck!

John VV 08-08-2011 04:56 PM

without knowing what OS this is ???
rhel5 or 6
centos 5 or 6
SL 5 or 6
fedora 14 or 15

guessing fedora 15
if so did you read the documentation
that is covered
if rhel/cent/sl

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