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allele 06-24-2009 04:10 PM

yum and packagekit - list installed packages and dependencies
In Fedora 11, does yum keep track of packages added by the Add/Remove Software tool (is this PackageKit?) and vice versa? What about applications not in the yum repository that I install myself do I have to keep track of those?

If I uninstall a package which had dependencies installed specifically for it, are the dependencies removed as well?

farslayer 06-24-2009 04:24 PM

PackageKit is a front end.. in fedora it uses Yum as the backend..


Deleting Packages with Yum

One should always exercise care when removing packages. This is because of dependencies - if you remove a package upon which other installed packages depend (to use a shared library, read a configuration file, even invoke a binary) then those packages are left "dangling" and will be left in a partly or completely dysfunctional state. Yum will try to help you avoid possibly devastating side effects associated with package removal, but as is always the case with something like this, it does require that the user think carefully when using it. It is therefore most unwise to use yum non-interactively when removing packages.

Since it is yum's basic design philosophy to never leave the system in an inconsistent/broken state (yum contains no support for --force -like options) if you ask yum to remove a package, it will insist on also removing all packages that depend on that package.

I do not have an answer on manually installed packages.

lukeiamyourfather 06-24-2009 04:31 PM

Yes, yes, I think so, and no.

The Add/Remove Software tool is a Gnome app that manages yum and apt repositories. So it and yum will mirror each other.

As for those that you install yourself, I am 90% sure RPMs you install yourself don't show up in the tool or yum, as I can't find them in there. So, yes, you do have to keep track of them.

Also, if you uninstall a package that had dependencies specifically for it, you have to track those other packages down and uninstall them manually.

Hope I helped.

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