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john3lives 07-23-2003 04:43 PM

Yoper Dialer Program
An expert in Windows, I now turn to Linux to experience something new. It's a beautiful thing, Linux. I got a free copy of the Yoper Distro from a Linux Format Magazine DVD-ROM and installed it to see what this OS is all about. I've just been exploring the Distro the last few days and I have a problem. I wanted to connect to the internet, so I clicked the Dialer icon on the desktop. Then I clicked Add to set up a new account. It asked me what to use to set up the connection and I checked the wizard, then I foolishly selected the Don't Ask Me Again option, as I didn't think anything would go wrong. Well, it did. One of the first screens tells me to select my country, and United States is not on the I saw that the instructions say if my country is not listed, I must click cancel and the manual setup will start. I don't remember exactly what it said because I have to use my Windows 2000 OS to connect to the internet now so the error is not in front of me. Whatever the instructions said, they told me that something was supposed to pop up when I press cancel, exiting the wizard. Well, nothing did come up. Maybe Linux is different, but in Windows, I can click the settings button in the dialer and enter a phone number and username/password and I will basically have a connection. I guess my question to the Linux Gods is, "How can I manually set up my internet connection and dial into the internet having already selected the wizard to come up every time I click Add in the Dialer program?"

ksgill 07-23-2003 09:29 PM

Dont use Yoper dial in utitlity. Try kppp or wvdial. I personally prefer wvdial- you can install it and edit /etc/resolv.conf , /etc/host.conf and /etc/wvdial.conf files to suite your needs...i have never used yoper dial program so I cant help you with that.

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