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Snailer 06-22-2002 10:33 PM

Yast2 of suse wont reconize my /dev/md0 partition
I have used a boot floppy and started a ftp-install with suse on a compaq proliant 2500 server. on this i have 3 scsi drives, wich i already partitionized ahead. after some time i have managed to created 3 raid-arrays: /dev/md0 till /dev/md2. The 1st one formated as ext2 in raid 1 for /boot, all others as reiserfs and the last as raid-5. i have created a fstab and a raidtab. however, also because i dont know how yast2 'thinks', yast2 refuze to see my md-devices. therefore i am unable to proceed with my (ftp-)installation of suse. (version 7.2 or 7.3, anyway the socalled 'current'). will somebody tell me please how i properly point to the md-'partition' with the mountpoint i want?
(i already have tried to mount the devices on the '/newroot' and created the fstab file with no results...)

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