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DarkSmurf 07-23-2017 06:45 PM

Xming access to CentOS 7.3 (remote desktop/rootless)

Q) I am having an issue with Xming connecting to a CentOS 7.3 server. I am a Windows tech, but have been appointed as the Linux guru for the organization: old Linux admin departed.

I currently have CentOS 6.5 servers running, and can connect to them using Xming without using putty. I have searched for =several days for guidance on using Xming without putty to obtain a remote Linux remote desktop from my Windows clients.

The setup used on CentOS 6.5 follows:

Modified /etc/gdm/custom.conf

yum -y install gconf-editor

check disable user list and set as default

reboot the server

Can use Xming without putty to receive a remote server desktop.

Now, I am trying to use CentOS 7.3 which of course does not use gconf-editor to set up the same operation.

I need the CentOS 7.3 desktop on the Windows 7 Pro client using Xming without the use of putty.

Any help would be appropriated.

Thanks in advance.

Doug G 07-24-2017 07:19 PM

Last time I used xming it was only a windows X-server. Putty was required as the ssh client.

I replaced using Xming with VcxSrv as the windows X server, and putty as the ssh client, which works fine for me from XP/W7/W10 machines.

Putty however cannot use a ssh key generated on a linux machine without it being "converted" with pageant. The Putty online help has pretty clear instructions on how to set up passwordless key-based ssh.

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