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jd300 12-24-2001 11:23 PM

I have downloaded and I installed Xine. How do I get it in my menu. Secondly, if I have to run it in console, what do I type? I have just typed its name but nothing happens.:confused:

Cheese 12-25-2001 03:44 AM

try whereis
try 'whereis xine'

jd300 12-28-2001 12:21 AM

Xine is sitting in my home folder but I can not run it from there. When I type Whereis Xine I get an error message that says, "command not found".

bluecadet 12-28-2001 10:57 AM

what on earth does 'sitting' mean??? have you actually installed the program? you know you need both xine-lib and xine-ui to get it to work.

rain_maker 12-28-2001 12:27 PM

At least you installed it. I'm still trying to find dependency packages when trying to install the rpm.

rain_maker 12-28-2001 01:42 PM

I finally installed some packages. I can't find the actual program. I found the config files and the plugins.

files are locateed:

Someone give me a hint....thanks


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