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secretseeker 02-15-2008 05:53 AM

xgamma problem
recently i just started using ubuntu 7.10, and i can't fix something up: gamma.
my monitor is old, so i used to tweak the driver of my mainboard to get a decent brightness. my mainboard is MSI via KM-4VM, and the drivers are installed from ; i've tried using xgamma up to the point my gamma for rgb is 9,9,9, but nothing; how can i fix xgamma?? the syntax i used was this i.e.: xgamma -gamma 6
i've also tried using "monica" which supposedly alters gamma too, but i get compiling errrors regarding gcc, such as "compiler can't create exe files" i did a which gcc and i have it, usr/bin/gcc.
i also tried installing kgamma, and kdegraphics through synaptics, but i can't get kgamma to run neither with gui (can't find it) or text ( i guess it ain't on my path, since i can't run it by typing it kgamma either!)
thanks in advance.

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