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ptlycldy99 08-02-2004 02:32 PM

XFree86 Problems with Dual head
I have two problems: 1) GNOME won't start, and 2) when I get Gnome started, it will come up only on one screen of a two head system.

I had to change out/replace my video cards to newer nVidea cards that were not covered by the driver list in the version of XFree86 that was on the machine. I downloaded the new version of XFree86 and did the installation and configuration. When I rebooted, the Redhat prompt for login came up, and after logging in, I got a very small window that had 4 buttons: "Client list", "Session Log","Check Point", and "Shutdown".
If I logged out, and restarted by clicking on the "Session" text in the redhat login prompt, and clicking "Gnome", it still wouldn't work, but if I added "gnome-session" to the file .cshrc , logged out it would come up in a gnome session.

So Question one is: How do I set up all accounts to start in Gnome with out having to do extraordinary things?

Second, and probably related problem, is that the redhat/gnome environment comes up just fine on the left screen of a two head system, after all the rigamorole is done as explained above. But, while the other screen is accessable with the mouse -- you can follow the mouse to the other screen -- the screen is not in "gnome format". That is the screen has no tool bar or icons and is sort of a uniform grey vs. the blue of the gnome background, and the cursor changes to an X, vs. the arrow in the gnome screen. I can not drag a "window" from the gnome screen to the grey screen; it just goes off the edge of the screen into oblivion.

So Question two is: How do I get gnome to work on both sides of a dual head system?

All worked well before I installed the new XFree86 v. 4.4.0 software.

Thanks in advance,


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