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fault 04-29-2006 03:21 AM

xfce menu gone / desktop hidden?
Hey folks!
From the subforum here, you can figure I'm a newb. I think this is easy for you:
I just installed xfce4. At first i worked well. I really like the desktop menu. Now its gone and clicking on the dekstop takes no effect at all. I think some application like nautilus is hiding the usual desktop, since the background image has gone also. I thought i'd drop my pstree pullout here, as I'm not able to figure out which task is the thief.

│ └─sh(2962)─┬─sh(3010)───xscreensaver(3015)
│ ├─ssh-agent(3002)
│ └─xfce4-session(3014)
├─gnome-terminal(3027)─┬─bash(3035)───su(3080)───bash(3081)───pstree(33+ │ └─gnome-pty-helpe(3034)
│ └─hald-addon-stor(23761)
│ ├─kacpid(7)
│ ├─kblockd/0(82)
│ ├─pdflush(110)
│ └─pdflush(111)

Any suggestions?

ingvildr 04-29-2006 03:27 AM

my guess is that xfdesktop isn't getting started so you could try running it from a terminal then save your session when you log out so it gets started again on log in. Or you could clear out your session info which i think is in ~/.config/xfce4.

fault 04-29-2006 03:29 AM

starting xfdesktop worked well. thx.

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