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sirpelidor 09-28-2004 09:02 PM

xcin, display, locale,font, please explain :)
Hi, installed slackware 10, and having trouble to display chinese (big5) font.
did some research on the net as well as this site, here's what i understand so far (assuming start everything from scratch):

1) need to download fonts, put into some directory, and bash LC, LL etc etc...

2) need to install a input server (such as xcin) so that i can input big5 code

3) run application using xcin, such as ooffice, and i'll be done.


a) am i missing some major steps in between?
b) if i just interested in display big5 code on mozilla, X, application or even on terminal, do I still need XIM server such as xcin???

thank you.

p.s: the chinese how-to is kindda outdated. plus a lot of the howto normally only gear to 1 or 2 application (such as 1 howto only takes about xcin, 1 only talks about sim, etc)
I think we should have a more up-to-date howto, specially gear toward today's distro, what are the applications avilable, what are the options, how do people setup their system if they just wanna input chinese but keep the system english etc etc.

please let me know if anyone up for the task, i'd like to contribute my help


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