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mwildam 09-16-2006 02:50 AM

xcdroast - resource temporarily unavailable
I am on FC5 (Fedora Core 5) and I already downloaded and rebuilt the RPM to support the non-root mode and allowed all users on all workstations to run xcdroast.

Now when I try to copy a CD I am able to read in CDs but I cannot burn them. The following error message appears when I try to burn a CD with another user than the root (with root it works):

Calling: /usr/lib/xcdroast-0.98/bin/xcdrwrap CDRECORD dev= "/dev/cdrom" gracetime=2 fs=4096k driveropts=burnfree -v -useinfo speed=48 -dao -eject -pad -audio "/home/wm/tmp/track-01.wav" ...

Cdrecord-Clone 2.01.01a03-dvd (i686-pc-linux-gnu) Copyright (C) 1995-2005 Jörg Schilling
cdrecord: Resource temporarily unavailable. Cannot get mmap for 4198400 Bytes on /dev/zero.
NOTE: This version contains the OSS DVD extensions for cdrtools and thus may
Note: This is really the end of the error message.

I tried also with sudo but I think I cannot really get it to work. If sudo is the solution then please show me an exact sample how to configure and call it then.

Please help.

mickza 09-16-2006 05:34 AM

I haven't used XCDRoast since the advent of CD/DVD Creator. Do you have a specific reason for using it?

mwildam 09-16-2006 06:03 AM

No, I am very new to Linux and searching the software list in the Fedora I found the xcdroast first and thought it is somehow a current up-to-date software.

If you suggest me something else that works better I use the other one immediately.

I searched the internet and found the K3b.

How can I find the one you suggest via yum? The K3b I could find via yum.

And I searched now for other CD burners and found also GnomeBaker, graveman also.

Oh no, I was so blind. I never imagined that there can be so much choice...

Thank you so very much. - Which one do you find is the best of these?

I tried the K3b to copy one of my Audio CDs to test and it worked fine!

mickza 09-17-2006 04:36 AM

CD/DVD Creator is installed by default

From the Gnome fedora 5 top toolbar (Applications Services System)
Select Services
then CD/DVD Creator
Natilus File Manager
6.10 Writing CDs or DVD's

Take timeout to read & play with the options and you'll understand my comment - have fun.

mwildam 09-24-2006 04:28 PM

For creating a data CD or DVD quickly you are right, the quickliest solution is using the built-in way to burn.

But my old habits from Windows burning with Nero I feel more comfortable with a separate tool and the K3B I found in the meantime does it's job very well so far. I do have more options (as used to from Nero) - e.g. I can decide whether to create a multi-session or single session CD/DVD.

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