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mike11 12-26-2010 08:37 PM

X11 issues: fonts, x11-common
Hi All,

I'm running Debian squeeze and got two issues with X11 I would appreciate help with:

1. I've installed a font called ttf-bitstream-vera:

apt-get install ttf-bitstream-vera
I then ran the fc-update to the update the font cache.

fc-cache -fv
Now, fc-list lists the new font:

fc-list|grep Vera
Bitstream Vera Sans Mono:style=Bold
Bitstream Vera Sans:style=Oblique
Bitstream Vera Sans:style=Roman
Bitstream Vera Sans Mono:style=Oblique
Bitstream Vera Sans:style=Bold
Bitstream Vera Serif:style=Roman
Bitstream Vera Sans Mono:style=Bold Oblique
Bitstream Vera Sans:style=Bold Oblique
Bitstream Vera Sans Mono:style=Roman
Bitstream Vera Serif:style=Bold

but they don't show up in xlsfonts or xfontsel and some applications aren't aware of them (like Nedit). What's the problem here?.

2. The x11-common script in /etc/init.d isn't doing anything besides printing the usage message.

/etc/init.d/x11-common restart
does nothing. Isn't this supposed to restart the X11 server?.

Seasons' greetings,

business_kid 12-27-2010 02:50 PM

A three fingered salute sure restarts an X server. You may just need root privileges.
As for the fonts, there may have to be updates to fonts.dir & fonts.scale in the directories the fonts were installed in to add them.

mike11 12-28-2010 10:34 PM

Thanks for replying.


A three fingered salute sure restarts an X server.
Presumably you refer to ctrl-alt-backspace? I'm interested in restarting from the CL.

For the font problem:

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