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physcher 07-09-2001 03:10 PM

X-Windows and my Presario
This may be a little pathetic, but I'm having some problems in getting X-Windows working properly on my Compaq Presario (12XL500).

Going through the Xconfigurator, I have chosen the "Trident CyberBlade (generic)" card, and the "Compaq Presario (integrated)" monitor, but when choosing the screen resolution, basically regardless of what resolution I check, it jumps to 800x600 in the testing screen (pixel depth is kept the same, however).

While this in itself may not be a problem, this results in having a 1.5" blank border all around my viewing area, which is a little annoying.

Am I choosing the wrong options for the card or monitor, or is there a back door I can go though to get rid of this border (and maybe get a better resolution as well).


trickykid 07-09-2001 04:01 PM

Have you checked the xfree86 hardware compatibilty tests, it might be due to the fact of the selections your selecting when configurating and how they are working with your hardware not being totally supported of the chipsets....etc.
You can try other generic's, like a generic monitor even.... it sounds as if its the monitor possibly. I never have much luck with Compaq, Dell.... etc...monitors, after market monitors always seem to do a better job.

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