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devinmcelheran 01-19-2009 09:59 PM

I'm fairly new to linux, I'm currently running Sabayon on one laptop, and I'm thinking of putting Ubuntu on another. If I ran wubi, would I have to install the drivers for everything to work right? Would I have to install my wireless card properly to get on the internet? And if I were to make wubi install ubuntu, could I keep all my files and such through the installation?

FewClues 01-20-2009 03:30 AM

You can read up on WUBI here. But the basic answer to your question is - once you boot into Linux you are IN Linux and you will still need to install the drivers. You can see into the Windows file system just as you can on a dual boot system.

Hope that helps, I've never actually used Ubuntu running under WUBI but have used it to install on a couple of Windows boxes for friends. It is a very smooth install and the uninstall is remarkably simple.

Have fun with Linux!

jolphil 01-20-2009 07:38 AM

I installed Ubuntu using wubi as a test on a windows XP system..I downloaded the wubi installer and selected install instead of save, and it went on like a piece of cake...Just make sure you have enough space on your windows C: drive..I think you can also install it elsewhere too..
After you get it installed you must set up Ubuntu as if it were installed on a fresh disk..It also installed a boot loader that allows you to select which operating system to boot at startup..The only thing different is from memory is , Ubuntu will not go in the standby mode..
The nice thing is if you do not choose to keep it you can un-install it from windows as you would like any other program and you are back to your normal windows ..It even replaces the windows boot loader..
My opinion is, that it was the safest way I ever installed Ubuntu..
I have not ever tried installing using virtualbox or Vmware so I cannot comment on how easy they are..

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