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ch4s3r 09-03-2003 04:49 PM

i've been tryin to install mplayer for about 4 hours now. I really want a diff OS but i'm not so sure if i want it this bad!!!!! ok i got it installed but just some stupid ass text version in the terminal. i've tried to recompile it with "--enable-gui" which just f's up bad. I just want to play a f*ing movie!!!!:mad: :mad:

TheOneAndOnlySM 09-03-2003 04:53 PM

it's ok, calm down, lol, it takes some time, especially once you've worked with windows for a long time (terminals are not a bad thing, they are often more powerful and more reliable)

may i suggest using xine? search for xine on the net, go to their homepage, download the xinelib (the newest beta, it works extremelely well) and if u want a gui, install gxine (located on the same page)

to install, cd into the directories of those files and do
make install

for both... install any dependencies u may come across, once you're done with both, run gxine in a terminal and up comes a gui with lots of features and fully capable of dvds, mpeg, etc.

*note: do not do the quick start intro thing in gxine, it doesn't work well, just skip it, this only appears the first time u start gxine

darthtux 09-03-2003 07:02 PM

Do you know where xinelib installs and how to configure the library path?

snatale1 09-03-2003 10:21 PM

Get Apt Get, heres the link it will find the RPM you need and solve the probs with dependencies.

after you get it run

apt-get install synaptic

Syaptic is the GUI portion of apt-get which is equivilent to the Windows update... saved my ass!

I also had tons of probs trying to compile mplayer with this I typed in mplayer...done deal!

I'm still working on compiling everything from source cuz I know it's better, but this is my life support in the meantime :)

h/w 09-03-2003 10:23 PM

and if u dont wanna see the cmdline outputs, run "gmplayer" - thats what u want

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