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JayTheBewildered 01-05-2008 05:45 AM

Word wrap style problems with dpkg -l
Hi folks

Just took it on myself to have a good crack at learning Linux (new years resolution) and have hit my first problem. When I try and use 'dpkg -l | more' there seems to be some kind of problem with the text displayed as in it doesnt word wrap properly. Other text such as that displayed by the man pages seems ok. I've had a quick dig about but cant seem to find an answer to this and to be honest I'm not too sure what I'm looking for in the first place.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


HappyTux 01-06-2008 03:05 PM

If you mean that the package names and such seem to be cut short then try something like COLUMNS=125 dpkg -l.

JayTheBewildered 01-08-2008 08:43 AM

Playing around with the COLUMNS figure seemed to solve that one, thanks very much.

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