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digger 06-27-2003 01:56 PM

Word Perfect 8

It's great to use the web in Linux at last.
When I purchased MDK 9.1 I also Purchased Word Perfect 8 on CD. How do I install it from CD to Mandrake 9.1.
Most all of my work over the past several years is in WP.
Will WP 6.0a or Wp Office 2000 for windows work in "wine?"

Thanks ,

Cage47 06-27-2003 04:45 PM

For Mandy 9.1 you will need to find the libc5 and files from previous versions of Mandrake since they are no longer included in the distro. They are backwards compatiblity libraries WP8 needs to run on the newer distros. I saved mine from my Mandy 7.0 cd. They weren't in 8.2. Once they are installed WP will install and run perfectly. I also have WP6.1 on my laptop but have not tried it in wine. But WP 2000 was ported to Linux through wine. From everything I've heard it was a piss-poor effort that didn't work to good. I have heard a few (very few) people that got it to run ok, but it is installed with it's own customized version of WINE. It might take some major tweaking to get the windows version to run right in Linux. If you need the lib files I can probably e-mail them to you if you are stuck.

digger 06-27-2003 07:04 PM

I'll see if I can find and down load the files.

Have a good weekend,

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