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stupid_guy 10-21-2003 03:23 PM

won't connect to internet
Hi, I have a problem.

My linux worked fine until 2 days ago when mozilla won't open webpages. At first, I thought it's just mozilla's fault, so I used ftp, but ftp don't work either! Nor does dig or nslookup.

I have cable modem, and when I checked the status of my network card, and it sais its active, and the hardware can be detected. So whats the problem?

I'm using my windows right now. Thanks for looking into my problem.

at first, I thought its the new kernel version I used, but after changing the grub.conf to the old kernel image, it still doesn't work!
also, nautilus crashed before my problem occurred. But the problem did not occur immediately after nautilus crashed, only after reboot.
also, I use RHN to keep my linux updated, and I usually check all updates to download, could one of the patches have been crupt?

Tinkster 10-21-2003 03:52 PM

There's a few things to consider/look into.

Firstly, if your new kernel and old kernel use(d)
modules, and were compiled from the same linux
source directory, you may well have removed/
changed some modules which would explain why
neither of the kernels will work now.

Secondly: what's the output of


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