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jeansond 10-11-2004 06:39 PM

Won't Boot - Starting Printer Service - Starting CUPS
Hi all, new to linux, first install.

-- Using Linux Business Alliance R1 . . . the install goes through fine, but when it reboots after the install and is booting, it loads everything but gets stuck at "Starting Printer Services". . . when i click on "details," everything is [OK] except it is stuck on "Starting cups:"

-- Now, i have done a lot of researching today, and I havn't been able to find any posts anywhere with known problems such as this, much less solutions, except possibly turning cups off. . . I already reinstalled once, and the same problem has occurred. I don't have any clue at what i'm doing, and i'm not exactly an avid programmer, so i'm somewhat apprehensive about playing with the coding. If anyone has any ideas or has experienced this, it would be much appreciated.


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