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silvyus_06 02-16-2011 08:59 PM

Wireless does not work in KDE but it does in GNOME. (Pardus 2011)
i just got the new pardus 2011 i love it.

i was testing the live dvd of it of a usb drive and i tried to get my wireless to work, but i couldn't. i mean,it detected the network, i actully put my password in, and it seemed that it was going to connect , but it stopped while acquiring ip address.

the router is fine,also the wireless card,i'm writing this from windows 7,which works wireless, i can also use wireless from ubuntu, GNOME version, and from linuxmint (GNOME)

i saw on the release notes that they changed to the Gnome's NetowrkManager and i thought it was going to work :(

i kinda like KDE and am going to give you any infos you consider useful. i'll be booting and rebooting through pardus to give you logs.

please help and i thank you in advance

silvyus_06 02-16-2011 11:44 PM

doh nevermind i was just doing it wrong :|

i wasn't selecting the right encryption type... lol that happened in gnome also ... why didn't that happen in windows ??? lol anyways i got it going

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