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wireless connection HPDV8000
I an totally new to linix, sorry for my need for support, so the more detail you can provide the better. I promise I am a quick study.

I have a HP DV8000 laptop, I installed Linux (fedora) and it does seem to boot up, It has trouble with the wireless connection. When I boot in interactive mode I get an error "Error for wireless Request " Set Mode (8B06) set failed on device wlan0:0 invalid argument"

I am unable to connect to my wireless network at home (in US SBC global, have a key I need to provide).

I recently traveled and found the LAN connection to work. I downloaded updates in the hope to fix the issue. I now have two boot options, can I assume that one boot is with the patches, the other not?

Any help to get me going is well appreciated


DropSig 10-15-2007 10:19 PM

Hi to you. I dont know if you manage to fix this issue. if not i think i can help.
I have never used fedora so i can help you through a console.
First of all startup a console. and type "ifconfig" without the quote.
you need to look for wifiX and athX where 'X' would be a number.
if you dont see that then please try a provide more info about your card, what kind is it.
this info could be found by typing "lspci" or "lshw" begin with the first one, lshw will throw a lot of stuff....
all of those command are fairly common and im pretty they are installed.
if you dont know how to open a console (or if what a console is) its "like" (and only like) DOS but with much more power.
you should find one in your "startup" menu normally under system.

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