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abby 03-20-2004 02:50 PM

i use both WindowsXP n Mandrake9.2....plz lemme know how to use not able to figure out thingz.

Also on red hat i cud run .NET apps using mcs n mono commands...but these dont work in mandrake....any clues

Mara 03-21-2004 03:32 PM

To install wine:
urpmi wine
Then you run a program using
wine pathtoprogram
(there's a configuration file, in .wine directory in your home dir, filename 'config'; 'drives' seen by wine are listed here, so you may want to modify it).

Mara 03-21-2004 03:34 PM

abby, next time please create a new thread, don't post your question in an old one (even if it is similar). It gives your questions/thread more exposure.

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