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vba_djs 12-22-2006 06:10 PM

Windows Registry Errors
I am attempting to setup a Ubuntu/Samba server to replace an aging Windows Small Business Server 2003 box.

I've gotten the drive mapping and printing to work via Samba and have 'apparently' gotten the roaming profiles to work by copying the roaming profile for a user to the Profiles share on Samba.

However, when I try to open Microsoft Office and some other programs, I receive various errors that indicate a registry problem.

Examples: "Cannot verify registry settings", "Cannot find data path" (although the path has not changed), etc.

Outlook will not start, even though the pst file is located on a local data drive (D) separate from the Local Settings folder.

Is there some obvious step relating to the registry that I missed, or do I have to re-install these programs?


Robert Diggs 12-22-2006 07:27 PM


I think I might be the only that will answer this for you. I'd try using the install disc and running a 'repair' installation. Back up all of your work first. This install replaces all of the entries in the registry that have to do with programs (among other things) installed by MS. i.e. your MS Word, Outlook so on and so forth. That should take care of your problem.



JimBass 12-22-2006 09:26 PM

If you can see the drives on the windows box, then this isn't a linux problem in any way. Call microsoft. I'm sure they have ample amounts of free tech support to help you out!

Actually, it will be a cold day in hell that they do anything for you. But still, if you can see the drives the data is on, there is nothing more windows can do. The problem is something with windows, and this certainly isn't the spot for getting help with that.


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