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Lorend 02-14-2005 04:06 PM

Windows, FC3 sharing trouble
I cannot get anything to work with sharing my Windows network with FC3.

I have a home network consisting of one Desktop with a printer installed on it and a laptop that I use for business purposes.

I have tried a bunch of different things that I have read in posts and it seems as though I always end up with FC3 telling me that I either don't have something or other installed or that I need some file to do something.

Getting a bit disgruntled here. I didn't have this much trouble back when I network my Mac to my Windows systems. But hey, that wasn't free I suppose. :(

Here is where I am at right now...

I try to use add remove from the applications tab to install the windows share files but once it starts going through the motions it tells me that there is no Samba-common file and then stops. It doesn't ask me to insert any of the disks or anything, it just stops.

I did some digging around in the file system and found a few files "Samba" related but I don't know what to do with that.

I did find the samba.conf file (In reference to some tutorials I have been through) and opened it to try to edit it but I can't do that either. I can move the cursor around but thats it????

If anyone can give me any assistance with this I would really appreciate it. I am stumped.

amosf 02-14-2005 04:26 PM

So have you installed samba or not? I don't know what the FC3 install tools look like, but first install the samba rpms then try setting it up. samba common is the main one, but there are others....

You will also need to be root to edit samba.conf

Lorend 02-15-2005 09:18 AM

Not sure if it is all the way installed or not. I looked for files and found some, but from what I read, not all of the files are there. Is there a way to un-install any files that might be on there??? How would I find all of the files that are on the machine now and then re-install from scratch??

FC3 supposedly comes with the samba stuff. But I did a custom install and don't know for sure what all I installed. I am working on a Windows network so I think I would have installed any software that I would have needed for that but maybe I missed it.

Does anyone know why when I try to install some things from the add/remove programs I get a message telling me that some folder could not be found??? The program just ends then and it doesn't ask me to insert a disc or anything.????

Thanks for the heads up about the conf file and being root. I will try that when I get the whole program actually loaded and working somewhat.

Thanks again

PTrenholme 02-15-2005 10:52 AM

The samba site has a whole set of nice examples.

My setup uses a WinXP server in a local workgroup, and looks like
the display below. It's mostly just the default settings.

(Oh, the pipe to "grep" just strips the commens out of the file.)

[08:44 ~] $ cat /etc/samba/smb.conf | grep -e ^[^#\;]
workgroup = trenholme
server string = Upstairs office
hosts allow = 90.0.0. 127.
printcap name = /etc/printcap
printing = cups
cups options = raw
log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log
max log size = 50
security = share
username map = /etc/samba/smbusers
socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_SNDBUF=8192 SO_RCVBUF=8192
remote browse sync =
remote announce =
local master = no
wins server =
dns proxy = no
winbind uid = 16777216-33554431
winbind gid = 16777216-33554431
restrict anonymous = no
domain master = no
preferred master = no
max protocol = NT
ldap ssl = No
server signing = Auto
disable netbios = yes
comment = Home Directories
read only = no
comment = All Printers
path = /var/spool/samba
browseable = no
guest ok = no
printable = yes

Lorend 02-15-2005 12:19 PM

Thank you for the info PTrenholme, once I get samba to the point where I think it is all of the way installed I will look this stuff up.

Right now I am going to try to un-install it and then re-install it. Maybe that will fix the problem that I am having.

Thanks again.

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