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PayneHA 03-04-2002 03:13 PM

Win98 loads, Redmond Linux crashes: help?
I've installed Redmond Linux on HDD1 on my PC; Win98 is on HDD0.

Load Win98 via the Redmond Linux boot-loader. No problem.

Load Redmond Linux ditto: Linux hangs. Sometimes during the startup list, sometimes at starting KDE.

Do I have any options other than re-installing Redmind Linux? And if I have to, how do I get rid of the boot-loader?:o


neo77777 03-04-2002 05:22 PM

Yeah, get rid of Redmond at all, crappy piece of software incompleteness promoted to be called a linux distro. Get some real software, like Mandrake, a very good distro for a newbie, easy to install and work with.

PayneHA 03-05-2002 03:10 AM

Really helpful, d00d...
Yeah, there's Mandrake, and Red Hat, and SuSe, and <insert name of your favourite distro here>...

I'm looking at Redmond. That's why the thread's got Redmond in the title.

Do not go to Usenet, for they will say both "yes" and "no" and "try another newsgroup".

Thymox 03-05-2002 06:24 AM

Hey, that's pretty quick! Within two posts this is becoming a potential flame war!

Now to answer your question(s).
If you're having severe problems with your current installation, and you don't particularly want to sort it out manually (i.e. you want to re-install it), then here's what you should do:

Presuming you've only installed it the once, boot to Windows and type (in a dos box) fdisk /mbr. It's an undocumented parameter that replaces the current MBR with the previous one. Bear in mind though, that if you've installed Linux onto your machine more than once without having done the above, the MBR that will be put in place (i.e the old copy) will still be a Linux boot loader.

To make sure that the above works, reboot your computer. If you boot straight into Windows then voila, you can go ahead and re-install Redmond. If, however, you are presented with either the Redmond boot loader, or just LI, then I'm affraid you'll have to stick with the Redmond boot loader. It's not much of a problem providing you want to keep Linux.

Seriously though, if you can get a copy of Mandrake (preferably the latest, 8.1), I'd try that first. I've used (well, played with) Redmond Amethyst version, and I honestly thought that it could have been much better. I found that if it doesn't configure stuff properly first time around, it's a buggar trying to sort it out yourself. It doesn't provide many config tools other than that KDE thing.

PayneHA 03-05-2002 05:19 PM

Thanks Thymox: sorry, neo77777
Yeah well, I was born two cups of coffee below par...

Thanks for the seriously detailed help. I've had a long hard look at the options and I'll have a go at re-installing from scratch.

If that doesn't work, I'll have another look at Mandrake, I guess...

Thanks again

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