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emoore 10-23-2007 11:20 AM

why is firefox actually
I let synaptic update firefox. It stated it was The description also warned it was a trunk build meant for preview and not production use. When I ran firefox it identifies itself as, not

I then installed firefox using ubuntuzilla. It identifies itself as

1. Why isn't the ubuntu package a release?

2. I noticed the firefox and firefox.ubuntu "link to shell script" files in /usr/bin. The first has a target of /opt/firefox/firefox while the second has a target of /usr/lib/firefox/firefox but both seem to launch

I'm getting real confused how to control what executable you run since there are no *.exe's you can just click on, both shell scripts seem identical, and no matter how I try to launch firefox it identifies itself as

I tried to resolve it using the system monitor but it just said "/bin/sh /usr/bin/firefox" for the location. But there is no executable there - just the two links to shell scripts. That seems to imply that after installing the ubuntuzilla copy of firefox the ubuntu version can't ever be run.

strick1226 10-23-2007 01:13 PM

Generally speaking, anything tagged with the words "not for production use" indicate it's not a ready-to-go release i.e. it's a testing/development version and/or meant to be used as a placeholder in the repositories.

I don't know about using ubuntuzilla, so I'm not sure what it might do to your system insofar as paths to the firefox executable etc.

Can you remove the ubuntuzilla package/install and try updating from the official ubuntu repos?

emoore 10-23-2007 01:52 PM

"Can you remove the ubuntuzilla package/install and try updating from the official ubuntu repos?"

Yes, but it would not accomplish anything since I started without ubuntuzilla, using a copy of firefox installed from a ubuntu CD, and then updated it using synaptic from the official ubuntu repository.

I understand what "not for production use" means, I'm used to the tradeoffs of nightly Thunderbird builds under XP for example. I don't understand why a official repository would provide such a build instead of I have security and recommended updates enabled in synaptic - pre-released updates and unsupported updates disabled.

However I'm mainly confused how to control which executable I actually run given that I can't uninstall the ubuntu repositories copies of firefox and thunderbird without serious side effects (since it insists on uninstalling ubuntu-desktop etc. if I do that).

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