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coolguy2008 09-17-2010 09:10 PM

Which LXDE version of Linux has the newest version of Firefox and Open Office?
Which LXDE version of Linux has the newest version of Firefox and Open Office included?

I am looking for an iso file, and I am trying to run this off of a live CD for now. So I want a light version of Linux, probably LXDE, or if not, then probably XFCE. But I need a new version of Firefox and OpenOffice included.

Because, I tried burning the customizable NimbleX @ . Pretty good, except it uses Firefox 2, and Open Office 2.3, which are outdated.

And I tried Mint XFCE, which might have been pretty good too, but it had some issue of blanking and requiring relogin after I opened hotmail frequently (user id: mint, password: blank).

The web browser and the word processing program are the most important and essential applications to me.

So are there any Linux versions in LXDE on LiveCD that include newer versions of Firefox (or at least another good browser) and Open Office (oo seems better than abi)? (Again, if no LXDE, perhaps XFCE?)

I just want to download a good version in an iso file, and burn it to a CD and get to work. Like I said the web browser and the word processing program are all important.

So really, what iso/LiveCD versions are the fastest for running on an older system, and yet have the newest browser and word processor included?

mark_alfred 09-17-2010 09:53 PM

KNOPPIX 6.2.1 has lxde as its default desktop. Knoppix is a LiveCD distribution with reasonably new software (including Firefox and The iso is available here.

turf 09-17-2010 10:12 PM
zenwalk has its openoffice installed by defualt upon installing. however it uses icecat but its like firefox.
Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100425 IceCat/3.6.3 (like Firefox/3.6.3) (Zenwalk GNU Linux)

tommcd 09-17-2010 11:01 PM

Salix just released a new updated Salix live with LXDE or XFCE. It comes with Open Office 3.2 which is almost the newest version. I am not sure what version of Firefox is on it. It should be at least 3.6.7 or 3.6.8. Firefox 3.6.10 just came out a couple days ago, so doubt any current live CD includes 3.6.10.

Salix is also very light and fast.

craigevil 09-18-2010 06:17 AM

LXDE is a desktop environment even if a livecd/installcd doesn't have it by default it is easy enough to install.

Most distros keep current with latest Firefox releases as well as OpenOffice.

Debian has Firefox 3.6.10, 3.5.13, and Firefox 4 beta.

apt-cache policy iceweasel
Installed: 3.6.10-1
Candidate: 4.0~b5-0
Version table:
4.0~b5-0 0 (Same as the current Firefox 4 beta)
500 ./ Packages
*** 3.6.10-1 0 (Same as the current Firefox)
101 experimental/main i386 Packages
100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
3.5.13-1 0 (Same as the current 3.5.x version of Firefox)
500 sid/main i386 Packages

It also has OpenOffice 3.2.

DavidMcCann 09-19-2010 11:57 AM

If you go to you can search for distros with specific versions of a program, and distros with specific user interfaces. Compare the results, and you have your answer.

Do note that some versions of distros with the latest versions of programs may be development ones: unsuitable for any purpose for which an intelligent person would use a computer :-)

knudfl 09-19-2010 12:04 PM

... Updated to Firefox 3.6.8 ten minutes ago .. EDIT
EDIT: Actually I got 3.6.10. (Synaptic said 3.6.8 before "Synaptic Refresh".)

And again, please see Distro Watch ..
> > pclinuxos-lxde-2010.07.iso

3.6.8..3.6.10 : not included in distros released some months ago,
but may have an update ready, when you have installed the OS.

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