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Arunkumar Goge 05-03-2013 09:13 AM

Which is the best linux distro for my HP Laptop ?
I'm using HP DV6 6155tx laptop with windows 7 os. My laptop configuration was intel i5 processor, 4gb ram, intel and amd graphics cards. I like to get rid of windows 7 and use some distros of linux. Which is best and it must support efficient resource utilization and i previously worked with open source virtualization technologies in desktops. I tried ubuntu but i dont thing it is efficient, Please help

shivaa 05-03-2013 09:30 AM

What do you mean by efficient? Your system has enough H/w to support almost any Linux distro, so you can appear for this test (click here). It will give you certain recommendations, and on basis of those recommendations, you can choose the appropriate Linux distribution. In my opinion, you should go with debian (because I am also using debian on almost same H/w as yours). :)

Just check below links:

Arunkumar Goge 05-03-2013 09:36 AM

Efficient means when i use windows 7 my lap is cool if i run ubuntu my lap firing and low battery performance. Like these issues

TroN-0074 05-03-2013 09:56 AM

I wouldn't suggest to get rid of windows in a 100% There are some applications that you might still need and they would be available at the moment only for windows. Perhaps you could reduce the volume in the windows partition to use 30% of your hard drive and use 70% for a Linux base OS. Use an application such as Gparted to split your hard drive

When installing a Linux base OS make a partition about 15 or 20 GB for the root of your operating system, a partition about 2 or 4 GB for swap and the rest for your data files. The installer will format these partition at installation time, if you need to select the file system type select ext4 which is the recommended one at the moment.

Select an operating system such as Debian ( for its stability
When downloading Debian there are a bunch of files you only need the first image, the rest are packages that you can install later.

I would suggest you to install two graphical interfaces the one by default in Debial will be Gnome, But I would install also a light weight GUI such as Xfce and test your computer with both of them. Just to see wich one run your computer cooler.

Another distros to download and try atleast as live sessions are

OpenSuse ----------->
Fedora ------------->

Good luck to you.

Note: Another reason why I think is a good idea to keep windowns is if in the future you would like to sell the computer you can boot in windows and press the key combination to set your computer back to its original defaults.
Or if you would like to upgrade the BIOS software in the computer usually vendors make these upgrades available for windows only.
But it is your computer so you should do with it as you please

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