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nurseydmg 05-15-2001 09:56 AM

What would be a good Linux to start out with on my home brew
PentiumIII machine?
Should I install an extra drive?
Can I still run windows for some of my apps till I find
good Linux replacements?
I am really new to this and will welcome any direction to
help on the web or even a great Linux User Group.
Here I am on a mission to use Linux on my pc and mac's.
PowerMac G3 400 B&W
iMac G3 400 DV se

trickykid 05-15-2001 10:01 AM

I would recommend Mandrake to start out with, its a good standard desktop style Linux distro. If you want some networking capabilities, you can go with Redhat, but if you want to more Unix like approach, try Slackware or maybe Debian, but those are far more for advanced users in general. I don't know about the Mac's though, I know they have distro's out there but I have no mac so I have never done that before. But of course, you can always have a dual boot with Windows until your fully comfortable with Linux.

carlcromer 05-19-2001 07:30 AM

You buy Mac's so money is obiviously of no object to you. Ideally I would keep the two OS's separate. Buy another hard drive and put Red hat there. If you want something easy on the same hard drive as windows go with mandrake. It is slower but mandrake can be installed within windows and simulate a linux environment.

SkYzOpReNiCk 05-20-2001 10:50 PM

If you really want to learn something good, use SuSe, this Linux distro is getting better all the time, also if you want to buy a mac you could have suse in the MAC, of course is different distro for Mac, but any way who else has a linux for MAC? Also SuSE is getting certificated by big companies for their software and drivers, like Oracle and Adaptec. Do you think that red hat has any future? Think twice before answers.

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