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suguru 01-09-2004 11:20 PM

Which distros have sword/Bible sw?
Google search turns up info that looks like Mandrake has
sword and Bibletime rpms.
Pkg is available of debian but is it on the 7 cd wood?
Is anything on the 5 cd suse 9.0?
Which have sword/Bible sw?


Tinkster 01-09-2004 11:46 PM

I don't think any do, but sword and gnomesword
are pretty easy to install from source. :}

Personally I like GnomeSword better than
bibletime, but un-installed it because I can't
stand Gnome, and it depended on too many
libraries :)


boutrosboutros 01-09-2004 11:56 PM

Hello Suguru,

There is also a slackware package for sword 0n I checked and the source is available from the web site as a tar.gz file. You could download it and compile for whatever distro you decide on. I am new to linux but searching the forum for any particular distro should allow you to find simple instructions for installing from source.

This software looks very nice actually. Usually i use the crosswalk study tools but i may check into this myself.


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