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halturata 06-15-2006 03:26 AM

Where is the Linux kernel loaded into memory?
Hi there,

I was wondering where in the physical memory is the linux kernel being loaded at boot time - in the upper or in the lower part. I mean does it fills the memory upwards from address 0x00000000 or downwards from 0xFFFFFFFF?
In the proc filesystem I saw that kernel code resides from 0x00000000 to 0x00127ffb but I'm not sure wheather these are virtual or physical memory addresses.
And is there a way to see where in virtual/physical memory is a device driver loaded?

I'll be glad to hear an expert opinion :)
Thanks a lot in advance.

DeusExLinux 06-15-2006 08:29 PM

Homework perhaps?

osor 06-15-2006 08:56 PM

If you mean on x86, I suggest you look at (from a kernel tree): Documentation/i386/boot.txt

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